Children in the preschool program are learning how to play independently and in group settings, how to follow one-step and two-step directions, and how to use vocabulary to express their emotions. Children at this age are learning how to resolve conflicts with their peers when they arise and how to follow classroom rules. We help children learn to deal with transitions in daily life and large changes like moving on to Kindergarten.


Language skills are a key focus in the preschool program. Children at CDCB are learning to use language to express their thoughts, to express their needs, and to ask questions. Language is an essential skill for group play with peers and for working out differences with classmates.


In the preschool program, children will learn to recognize letters, as well as learn their purpose and phonetic sounds. We use The Letter People curriculum for phonics recognition. The preschool also begins to identify sight words that are frequently seen in books.


We use Handwriting Without Tears as our handwriting curriculum. HWOT curriculum was created by an occupational therapist, and it allows children to begin to construct the shape of the letters with manipulatives (e.g., wood pieces, Playdoh, etc.), even before young children have the hand strength to place pencil to paper. Once the children have developed the fine motor skills to use a pencil, they already have the muscle memory to write letters correctly. The handwriting program also helps endorse letter and number recognition.