The Child Development Center of the Bluegrass is dedicated to ensuring that all children reach their full potential by collaborating with families and community partners to create the highest quality home and community-based therapy services as well as preschool and child care programs that benefit both children with and without special needs.

Our philosophy is based on the principle that children are unique individuals who develop at their own pace and need a supportive, challenging environment that includes age-appropriate opportunities for learning new skills.

What Parents Say

  • When asked what it means to Keli that her children are in an integrated setting, she replies “It’s everything. In the future, we will have to fight for this. But for now we can enjoy that Carter is not stigmatized. His peers are empathetic and nurturing. He’s completely socially engaged. In many ways, he still gets to be a typical two year old.”

    Keli Blankenship
    CDCB Parent
  • “We feel so blessed to have access to the amazing therapists and staff at CDCB. Leo has received so much help and support, and we can see the difference in his development. We can’t thank CDCB enough for all of the love and support they’ve provided.”

    Keith and Tracy Kurzendoerfer
    CDCB Parents
  • “At CDCB, Landon is not made to feel he’s different from anyone else. Someday Landon will realize he has a disability, but the confidence he has gained during his time at CDCB will always be with him.”

    Kelley Hoover
    CDCB Parent

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