Children in the toddler program are learning how to make independent choices and follow simple directions. Although most children at this age still play independently, teachers are also beginning to model how to play with a peer. Children at this age are learning how to use simple language skills to resolve conflicts with their peers and how to follow classroom rules. We help children learn to deal with transitions and small changes in routine. We use redirection and positive affirmation in the classroom to guide student behavior.


Language skills are a huge focus in the toddler wing. Children begin using one or two word phrases, and as they grow, begin to speak in full sentences to express their thoughts. This is also the age group that children begin to ask questions! Language is an essential skill for group play with peers and for working out differences with classmates.


In the toddler program, children get to explore the alphabet letters in many different classroom activities. Our main goal for the toddler wing is for children to become familiar with the letters of the alphabet (even if they cannot yet identify them) and to develop an interest in learning about letters. The teachers in the toddler classrooms read multiple books to the children each day, and we encourage each family to spend at least 20 minutes per day reading to your child.