Fadyia Lowe

Pictured (Matthew, Nicholas, & Samantha Lowe)

Fadyia is the mother of Matthew (6 years old), Nicholas (4 years old) and Samantha (1 year old) and currently serves as a Family Club classroom leader. Matthew had a wonderful experience at CDCB and Nicholas and Samantha are currently loving their time at the Center. Fadyia appreciates the hard work of the leadership staff and their proven dedication to students, families and staff members and how accommodating the Center is to each family. She is very excited about the vision for the Center and believes it will continue to help this great organization flourish. 

Keli Blankenship

Pictured (Corbin, Carter, Carson, Keli, and Steve Blankenship)

Keli is the mother of Carson (10 years old), Carter (5 years old) and Corbin (4 years old).  Carter & Corbin both currently attend CDCB and are thriving in their classrooms. Keli discovered that Carter had Down Syndrome on the day he was born and knew immediately that she wanted him to enroll him at CDCB. Carter was only 6 weeks old when Occupational Therapist, Angie Folczyk, began providing training on feeding techniques providing his family with ease knowing that he would receive the highest level of care available. His classroom teacher, Ms. Kenitra was so invested in his care that she sat in the floor with Keli and Carter to learn the exact angle to hold the bottle for his feeding needs. Keli was touched to see that his teacher cared so much about providing personal attention for her child. When her son Corbin went to another daycare for 7 months she immediately noticed the difference in care compared with the comprehensive approach provided by CDCB. She was very grateful when he was able to join Carter at CDCB and she has no anxiety dropping them off daily knowing that they both are appreciated for who they are as individuals.

Lori Wilson

Pictured (Lori & Henry Wilson)

Lori is the mother of Henry (9 years old).  At 2 years old, Henry began to have some sensory overload reactions and the teachers at the Center assured his family that they would provide a team approach through his Occupational and Speech therapy services. Henry had a meaningful experience during his four years at CDCB and is an example of the importance of utilizing a true team approach as his doctor, therapists, teachers and parents came together to create the most effective plan for Henry who was eventually diagnosed with autism. He is now doing very well in school and life and Lori is very grateful for the successful start provided during his time at CDCB.

Steven Loy

Pictured (Nicole Loy)

Pictured (Spencer Loy)

Steven is the father of Nicole (20 years old) and Spencer (15 years old) and both of his children attended CDCB throughout their preschool years. He found out about the Center from  his legal mentor who had chaired the Board.  Steven shared that both of his children had an especially wonderful experience learning from their teacher, Ms. Nikki. He wants to acknowledge that all of their teachers at CDCB were talented and dedicated to their students. Steven has continued his involvement on the Board for 20 years as he believes in the mission and feels strongly about having an inclusive classroom. Steven saw how this experience serves those both with and without therapy needs in learning acceptance and compassion for others. His daughter, Nicole, is now studying to become a neurosurgeon, at American University and his son, Spencer, is a successful upcoming high school Freshman.

George Zhang

Pictured (George, Angela and Olivia Zhang)

George is the father of Angela (16 years old) and Olivia (12 years old) and both of his daughters are former CDCB students who had a fantastic experience. George found out about CDCB from Angela’s physician at UK and learned that she could benefit from occupational therapy services provided. The Center provided a strong foundation for both Angela and Olivia through the classroom learning, therapy services and level of empathy gained from the integrated classroom experience. George believes in the mission of CDCB so much that he has served as a Board Member for 10 years and continues to work with families newly enrolled with the Center.

Kathryn Hughes

Pictured (Ella, Simon and Jameson Hughes)

 Kathryn is the mother of Ella (9 years old), Simon (7 years old) and Jameson (3 years old).  Ella had a wonderful experience with her teacher, Ms. Nikki. Simon received important occupational and speech therapy services that have helped him be successful. Kathryn still has artwork created by her children displayed in their home and fond memories of their especially special graduation ceremony from CDCB. Jameson received personalized care as an infant from his teacher, Kentira. Kathryn believes that one of the most important benefits of CDCB are the integrated classrooms and the emotional intelligence and compassion developed in children at all levels. 

Mark & Renee Hinton

Pictured (Renee, Mark, & Ian Hinton)

Renee & Mark are the parents of Ian (8 years old) as well as five other children. Ian attended CDCB as a student for several years and loved the Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy services so much that he has continued to come to CDCB for these services years after graduating from the preschool program. Renee was referred to CDCB by a contact at Shriner’s Hospital when she and her husband, Mark, discovered that he had some developmental delays and hearing issues and needed a preschool that could provide these important therapy services. They have had a very positive experience with all of Ian’s therapists including Alyssa, Jessica and Kelsey and have found them to be very adaptable in providing services to meet his individual needs.

Kathleen & Shawn Luchtefeld

Pictured (Kathleen, Shawn, Asia & Diamond Luchtefeld)

Kathleen is the mother of Diamond (10 years old) and Asia (9 years old) who both graduated from CDCB. Diamond had been enrolled at another preschool and had not received quality care and her enrollment at CDCB was a breath of fresh air. Kathleen valued the way that every teacher truly sees and values children for who they are as individuals and encourages them to learn and grow.  CDCB teachers and therapists understand how to integrate therapy throughout each day and provide a very beneficial learning model.  Diamond and Asia still talk about their teachers and friends from the Center and ask to go back and visit often.

Melanie Tyner-Wilson

Melanie is the mother of Jay (27 years old) and Jesse (21 years old) and grandmother of Brayden (6 months old). Melanie works at the UK Developmental Behavioral Pediatric Clinic and often tells families that come into her clinic about CDCB and the respect and care that has been shown to her family.  

Jay was referred to the Center by his Speech and OT therapists during his preschool years after being diagnosed with autism and needing a developmentally appropriate program. He was turned away by other centers and CDCB reached out and provided a great opportunity for Jay. Jesse also had a positive experience receiving therapy at CDCB. Brayden’s needs have been addressed with the same level of care and Melanie is confident that he is having a great experience in the classroom and through therapy. One of the main benefits of CDCB in her opinion is the strong understanding of all staff and therapists about developmentally appropriate practice for all children.