We offer full-day preschool programs for children with and without disabilities as well as early intervention and therapy services for children with disabilities or developmental delays.

Mission Statement

The Child Development Center of the Bluegrass is dedicated to ensuring that children with disabilities reach their full potential by collaborating with families and community partners to create the highest quality home- and community-based therapy services as well as preschool and child care programs that benefit both children with and without disabilities.

CDCB’s philosophy is based on the principle that children are unique individuals who develop at their own pace and need a supportive, challenging environment that includes age-appropriate opportunities for learning new skills. CDCB also believes in the value of: 

  1. the inclusion of children with and without disabilities
  2. a team approach to services
  3. therapies that are integrated into the context of the family or the normalized routines of the preschool or classroom
  4. activity-based instruction
  5. community-based education experiences. 


Program Design

CDCB provides early intervention services (evaluation/assessment, developmental intervention, and speech/language, occupational, and physical therapies) to children with disabilities and full-day preschool services to children with and without disabilities from age six weeks until kindergarten eligible. 


The CDCB preschool program uses Teaching Strategies Gold as a foundation for its assessment plan and curriculum.  Each classroom’s lead teacher is responsible for designing the classroom environment and providing a curriculum to support social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development for all children.   CDCB’s preschool program includes appropriate learning activities and teaching techniques in accordance with each child’s level of comprehension and maturation. 

Daily schedules include activities to provide a balance of:

indoor/outdoor activities
quiet/active activities
individual/group activities
large/small group activities
child/staff initiated activities
structured/spontaneous activities

The staff provides adaptations and modifications to ensure that children with special needs participate fully in the classroom programs and activities.  Resources used within the classroom are reflective of the ethnic and cultural diversity of the children in the program.

All CDCB classrooms include centers or areas for activities as such as art, block building, gross motor, housekeeping/dramatic play, language arts/library, manipulative materials, math/problem solving, multimedia, music, and science/social studies.

CDCB provides developmentally appropriate instruction to children regarding safety procedures, such as riding the bus and emergency procedures.

Throughout the day children work in small groups, in individual settings and with the rest of the class in supervised activities. We feel your child will benefit from both the structured and non-structured learning.

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